Pediatric and Computer Eyewear

Pediatric Eyewear

We carry a wide range size of frames that are in flexible and hypoallergenic material. Prescription swim and sport goggles are available upon request.

Computer Eyewear

What is the difference between single vision reading, bifocal progressive and computer glasses? This is a good video to illustrate all three kinds of lenses.

Is Blue Light harmful?  Actually some of it might be helpful like the blue-turquoise on the light spectrum which regulates your mood and cognitive function.  However, some of it might have detrimental effect on your health.  Long term exposure to Harmful Blue Light emitting from the sun, indoor light, computer screens and smart phones can disrupt your sleep and also cause eyestrain and headaches.

We are proud to present Crizal Prevencia as a solution to all computer users.  It blocks the Harmful Blue Light while still allowing beneficial blue turquoise light to pass through.

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